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Harmony In Motion: Cultivating Mindset, Motherhood & Business Success (REPLAY)

Harmony In Motion: Cultivating Mindset, Motherhood & Business Success (REPLAY)

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Learn to build a thriving business whilst balancing motherhood!

Who is this course for?

This course is an empowering journey designed for mums who aspire to build a successful business while balancing motherhood. I will take you through the steps to plan and launch your business as well as developing your mindset and helping you to balance all of this alongside motherhood  


How is it structured?

  • 8 modules, complete at your own pace!
  • Prerecorded videos & workbooks
  • Q&A videos (replayed from when it was live)
  • Ongoing access to the course
  • Access to private message me for support along the way
  • English subtitles available 


What topics will be covered?

Module 1: Embracing a Growth Mindset

  • Growth mindset 
  • Self limiting beliefs 
  • Embracing challenges

Module 2: Mastering Time Management

  • Assessing habits and identifying areas of opportunities. 
  • Setting priorities and schedules 
  • Strategies to balance motherhood with business. 

Module 3: Aligning Business Ideas with Passions

  • Exploring your passion & skills
  • Evaluating market viability and demand

Module 4: Setting Business Goals for Success

  • Clear & measurable goals 
  • Short-term and long-term objectives
  • Action plan 

Module 5: Financial Management and Pricing Strategies

  • Financial management basics for business
  • Pricing strategies
  • Different revenue streams

Module 6: Building a Strong Brand Identity and Establishing an Online Presence

  • Your brand identity and values
  • Creating a brand story
  • Social media strategies & website presence 

Module 7: Launching Your Business

  • Preparing for launch 
  • Marketing strategies 
  • Get your first customers

Module 8: Self-Care and Maintaining Balance

  • Self care and well-being 
  • Establishing boundaries 


About the course creator…

I’m Ellen and I’m a mum of 2 young boys (a 3 and a 1 year old). I created Sundown Lines, a textured art business, in January 2022. Within my first few weeks I was booked out for orders months in advance with a huge waiting list. All of a sudden, art was my full time job! I decided to further scale my business by creating online textured art courses. It was this that allowed my business to grow to multiple 6 figures, with students from over 100 countries. My Instagram page grew rapidly and now has an audience of 124K followers. I’ve been through the fears, challenges, excitement and rewards of building a business alongside motherhood. I’m so excited to help you do the same! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only related to art businesses? 
No, I’ve created this course to be non industry specific. Whilst i’ve grown my business through art sales and online courses, I’ve learnt so much along the way about business alongside motherhood. 


Can I complete this from any country?

Yes! I'm based in Australia however you can access this course worldwide. There are English subtitles to help if you are worried about my Australian accent.


Do I have to be available at a certain date or time?

No! You get ongoing access to complete the course at your own pace. The training videos are prerecorded, so you can access them at a time that suits you.


Do I already need to have an idea for my business?

During this course you will be supported to explore ideas that align with your passions and current skill set. You don't have to already have you business idea planned out to start this course.


What if I have questions or need feedback for my ideas along the way? 

You are welcome to contact me via email or Instagram message at any point! I'm happy to share my thoughts and give advice!


What does a replay mean?

This course initially ran live earlier in the year. Whilst it included LIVE Q&A calls, that is the only difference! All videos are designed to be watched at a time that suits you!

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