Want to know how to create the perfect creamy paste?

I guide you through the mediums, tools and techniques needed to create stunning textured artworks!

Textured Art Workshop

Discover the techniques, tools and mediums used to create stunning textured art!

  • Tools

    I share all of the tools that I use to create textured art. I also share an Amazon.com link for suggestions that can be found overseas.

  • Mediums

    Discover the mediums that I use to create my creamy paste and paint the finished pieces. I share the brands that I use in Australia and provide an Amazon.com link for suitable alternatives overseas.

  • The Perfect Creamy Paste

    Find out exactly how I make my creamy paste! I give 3 different options for your paste, depending on what is available in your country.

  • Canvases

    I explore some different canvas options and share the pros and the cons. You can use framed or unframed canvases to make your artwork.

  • Different Background Textures

    Watch me create a range of different background textures that you can use to create your own stunning pieces.

  • Arches & Waves

    I explain how to use the tools to create beatiful lines with arches and waves.

  • Neat Finished

    I take you through the entire process to get neat and clean edges on an unframed canvas!

  • Finishing Touches & Painting

    Learn how to paint your textured art and hang it safely.

  • Printable Textured Art Guide

    This helpful guide covers all of the important info shared in the online workshop. I also provide an Amazon.com link to help you find suitable tools and mediums.

  • Private Facebook Group

    You'll have access to my private Facebook group! This is the perfect place to share your creations, ask questions and learn new tips. This is a wonderful community from all over the world!

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This workshop has now launched!

Created by Ellen Daly

I'm Ellen, the face behind Sundown Lines. I began creating textured art as something mindful and relaxing to do whilst having a break from the busy life of being a mum to an energetic and hilarious little boy! This turned into something much bigger than I ever expected, and since then I've created artwork to be sent all over Australia! Our family has since grown and now I'm a mum of two beautiful boys! Creating textured art is definitely my moment of mindfulness from it all. As a primary teacher, I have a passion for helping others learn...so I thought it was time to join my two passions together to create this online workshop! Whilst I still look forward to creating art for people to hang in their homes, I'm so excited to bring the joy of creating textured art to others too!