The Textured Art Course

A Comprehensive Workshop

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  • Tools

    Explore all of the tools that I use to create textured art. I also share an link for suggestions that can be found overseas.

  • Mediums

    I will demonstrate and explain various art mediums for textured art. From budget friendly plasters, to professional art mediums...I will go through through the pros and cons of each!

  • The Perfect Textures

    I share exactly how I get my paste nice and creamy so that it's easy to work with. Discover the type of paste you need for different styles of textured art. Learn the pros and cons of mixing paint into the paste compared to painting after the paste dries.

  • Canvases

    Learn what to look for in a blank canvas. I also share some tricks for repurposing framed canvas prints for your art and demonstrate using timber art boards.

  • Framing

    I'm so excited to share with you how to build your own frames for your canvases! These easy instructions are even perfect for someone with no woodwork experience.

  • Textured Art Styles

    View simple video tutorials for various trending textured art styles. Watch as I create notched arches/waves, palette knife textures, palm trees, ocean waves, petals plus more! Learn extra tips to perfect your techniques.

  • Neat Finishes

    I take you through the entire process to get neat and clean edges on an unframed canvas!

  • Selecting Colours

    Learn my best tips for creating aesthetically pleasing colour palettes for your artwork.

  • Cracks

    Discover the reasons that cracks may occur in your artwork and how to avoid it. I also share easy ways to repair cracks after the paste has dried.

  • Finishing Touches & Painting

    I run you through everything you need to finish your artwork. Sanding, painting, optional varnishing and hanging your artwork.

  • Private Facebook Group

    You'll have access to my private Facebook group! This is the perfect place to share your creations, ask questions and learn new tips. This is a wonderful community from all over the world!

  • Important Info

    You get ongoing access to this online workshop to complete it at your own pace. There will be subtitles for the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic

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The Textured Art Course

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Created by Ellen Daly

I'm Ellen, the face behind Sundown Lines. I began creating textured art as something mindful and relaxing to do whilst having a break from the busy life of being a mum to an energetic and hilarious little boy! This turned into something much bigger than I ever expected, and since then I've created artwork to be sent all over Australia! Our family has since grown and now I'm a mum of two beautiful boys! Creating textured art is definitely my moment of mindfulness from it all. As a primary teacher, I have a passion for helping others I thought it was time to join my two passions together to create this online workshop! Whilst I still look forward to creating art for people to hang in their homes, I'm so excited to bring the joy of creating textured art to others too!